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Primary Button

A Primary Button is a major design element in you want to have a large single button on a line in your app/website. It is particularly useful as a call-to-action button because of the control you have over the size and other elements.

The primary button allows you to add more than just a text label and gives you more control over the look and size of the button. you can add up to three elements:

  • An icon
  • Button Text
  • SubText


All of the elements are optional, but it makes sense to have at least one.   Here are some examples of primary buttons:

Button with all 3 elements.

A button without an icon:

A button without button text, but with subtext:

A button with just an icon:

Click the Primary Button or the settings cog in the Layout sections to edit the text and other settings.

You have a large amount of control over each element in the primary button including size, color, padding, border shadowing making it a strong feature in your App. 

You can choose to add horizontal and vertical padding, this increases the horizontal or vertical size of the space around the text, a border or a shadow effect. 


As with other Button sections, you can add an optional link to the Primary Button that you can use to do the usual MyPhotoApp linking capabilities such as open a form or show a particular section.  

Version: 8.8

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