Welcome Section

The welcome section lets you add a "pop up" display that appears before the app is opened.   You can use this to provide people with a welcome message, or to create a tripwire sales funnel and solicit their email, name and optionally telephone number as a condition to open the App and gain access to the content.  You can then automatically add their email as a new client record in the CRM module or to a MailChimp account list.

For example, you might offer a free style guide to your portrait clients but to get it they need to sign up first.

Here is an example of a welcome section:


Normally the welcome section is only displayed once, but you can have it always display by selecting the always display option.

This section may be useful when you are providing valuable content in return for a persons email address to add to your email mailing list or just to provide an informative introduction prior to them being loaded into the app. 

If you prompt for an email, you can optionally have it automatically added to a mailchimp email list.

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