Password Protect A Section or Page

Sometimes you may want to protect information in an App to limit who can see it.  You can now do this by adding a password to a hidden Section or Page.   

To protect the contents of a Section or Page with a password follow these steps:-

  • For a Section click on other settings (or Edit Section Settings in some older sections) and change the Display setting to Hidden.    
  • For both a  section or page type in a suitable label
  • Add a means of navigating to the hidden section or page - this can be a Button, Text or an Image.
  • Click on the other settings for the button, text or image and add a link to your hidden section as follows:- 

Normally to reveal a hidden section or page you would add a link with the show command like this:


To password protect your hidden section or page all you have to do is add a comma followed by the password you wish to use to the link as follows:


For example to add the password Apples to a page called SeniorRep the link would be:-


Remeber both section and page labels and  passwords are case and space sensitive so if in doubt don't add spaces to labels and keep to all lower case. 



When the show command is executed, a password prompt is provided and the person will need to enter the password you added in order to reveal the content.


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