The Importance of Social Media

Why You Should Be Sharing Apps With Your Clients

The simple answer is to increase your brand awareness and word of mouth referrals.  Social media is important and to be successful in raising your brand awareness you need to have a presence on social media.

Pictures are the No. 1 type of content people like to share -  as a photographer you are already ahead of the game. In fact, 43 percent of social media users share photos, while 26 percent of users like to share opinions, status updates and links to articles. Luckily for anyone wanting to successfully market through social media, 25 percent of users share personal recommendations of things they love and like, which makes them natural brand advocates.

Creating customized Apps with MyPhotoApp enables you to take advantage of a valuable resource you already have, your clients and puts you in a position to utilize the power of their social networks to spread your brand for FREE!

Today no one leaves home without their mobile phone and the average person checks their mobile phone up to 150 times a day and spends a minimum of 1.5 hrs on social media. 

Successful Social media marketing relies on three key things: -

  1. Quality content people will want to share – beautiful photos are just what is needed.
  2. A reason to share – The excitement and desire to show off beautiful images or a special offer or incentive sort this one.
  3. A fool proof easy way to share - sharing couldn’t be easier with a personalized Photo App.

MyPhotoApp is the perfect solution to all 3 of these, with the ability to create stunning personalized photo apps for your clients in minutes.   Remember unlike traditional Facebook or Instagram posts every time they share their app they are also sharing your brand and contact details.

So now it’s time to get started by creating some Apps with a few special images for your recent client orders. All you have to do then is send them out with an email as a ‘thank you’ for their custom and make them feel special.  Don’t forget to invite them to share their personalized App with all their family and friends and perhaps even include a special offer just for them or those they share the app with.  

I’ve added a template for an enhanced photo app in the template Bazaar to help you create some awesome photo apps. Just click on the Template tab in Builder to find the Template and click the rocket next to it to get your own copy or you can type in the following shared template name in the use shared template filed off the create app dialog.


I’ve also added a handy infographic on social media click below to check it out just click the link


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