Builder Tab - Elite Features

With the Elite subscription, you have all the features of the Basic, Regular, and Professional features plus these additional features:

  • Hero - This section lets you place a hero image on your App.  A hero image is a "full screen" image that will appear in your App.  On wide devices,  such as a computer, the image will act like a background image that will stay fixed and the App will scroll over the top of it.   On narrow devices, like phones/tablets, the image will scroll in the same manner as other images.   This is a great option for making an impact on the first impression. 
  • Columns - You can lay out a variety of different content; Icon; Image; Text and Buttons in multiple columns to create tables.  You can choose to have the columns stacked vertically - one above the other so the columns collapse into a single column when displayed on a narrow device.   This permits you to create something that is visually pleasing on all device formats as well as ensuring that the content is always readable.  If you want to keep the table intact you can choose to stack them horizontally - side by side and the viewer can swipe across to see additional columns on a narrow device. 
  • Font - Provides the ability to upload and use your own font in your Apps. You will need a Font section for each custom font you wish to use. 
  • Facebook - Makes it easy to provide the content that is displayed when an App is shared on the internet.   It also allows you to upload an image that is used in the Facebook post that is much larger than the normal thumbnail Icon image to make your Apps stand out even more.
  • Separator - The ability to put a visual separator (line, dots, dashes) between sections.
  • Right Click -  Prohibit people from being able to right click on your App and optionally display a message.
  • Redirect - You can have your App auto redirect people to another location on the internet.  This is useful for when you want to retire or rename an App that people already have links too.
  • Group -  Allows you to group sections together for easy management and apply a common background to tie them all together visually.  
  • Menu+ - An enhanced menu section that will display the menu items across the top of the App on wide devices such as computers providing a similar look as a modern website but on mobile devices collapse the menu down to a menu button that will expand when pressed.
  • Buttons+ - An enhanced button section that extends the capabilities of the original button section by allowing you to create custom buttons with text and your own icon sets and images.
  • Action - With the action section, you can control if sections are visible or not based on certain conditions for example, if the App has been installed or not, and based on the date the App has been opened).  
  • Welcome - The welcome section lets you display a panel before the app is started to be used as either a "welcome" screen or to collect name and /or email information from the users prior to them being able to access the App.  Useful for creating a landing page App for a Tripwire Sales funnel or competitions and giveaways. 
  • POPUP - This section will display a popup panel either by showing it when a person clicks on a button for example, or via a timer so that the pop up is displayed after a given number of seconds after the app has been opened.
  • FBI - Fixed Background Image, provides an easy way to create an image that is scrolled over as a person scrolls.
  • IPS - In Person Sales, provides a tool that can be used during an in person sales session.  It will let you cull the images and then once the images are selected, it will create a sales order. 
  • Magazine Layout - Supports Gallery section Magazine Layouts which presents your images in a magazine format so you can turn pages like a magazine.  Similar to what Issuu provides. 



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