Builder Tab - App Navigator

The first part of the navigator is a search box where you can type to search for a specific app. Once you find the app, you click on it to select it.

The second part of the navigator lets you select an app to work on and organize your apps into folders. The selected app is highlighed with a blue background bar.

You can select an app by clicking on its name. Clicking on a folder will open and close it.

Folders are denoted by Bold text. Folders can have apps or other folders in them. If the folder is not empty, it is prefixed with ► and you can click on it to open the folder and view the contents.

You can organize your apps and folders by dragging and dropping them. You can drag apps or folders and drop them on folders to place the contents inside of a folder. Moving apps between folders does not change their URL so it won't effect any person who has already installed your app. This permits you to be able to freely move your apps between folders as the current situation dictates.

You can rename or delete apps or folders by right clicking on them. On a mac, control click on the app or folder name.

When you right click on an app, you can also make it public which means that the app will be displayed on the directory section.

You can tidy up the navigator by closing all the folders by clicking on the icon.

You can sort your apps alphabetically by clicking on the icon. Folders will be sorted below apps.

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