Builder Tab - App Settings

Title: This is the default title of the app that will appear under the icon when the app is added to the homescreen of the device. When installing the app on the device, the user will be able to override the app title with whatever they want. Changing the title of the app has no effect on the URL of the app.

Tags - Tags are words separated by spaces that are used to categorize the app so you can filter/display the apps by category on the Apps Tab. These tags are internal only and not displayed outside of the builder.

Set App Password - You can assign a password to an app. The app will not open without a person specifying the password.

Set App Expiration Date - You can optionally set a future date in which the app will automatically stop working. The builder time is based on EDT Eastern Daylight Time so to if you have a specific time you want an app to stop you just need to calculate the EDT time for it and enter this. 

App Sharing - You can share an app so that people can create a copy of your app. Great for selling app templates.



Keywords: Expirary date, Expiry date

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