Builder Tab - Professional Features

In order to use these features, you need to be subscribed to the professional license level features of MyPhotoApp.

Form - This section lets you add a form to your app that will prompt users for information that will be sent to you via email, or you can access from the Form Data tab.

Page - Page is a section that lets you develop multi page apps. Refer to the instructional video on their use.

Menu - Menu is a section that will permit you to be able to navigate between pages.

Tracking - The tracking section lets you track your app using using a 3rd party tool like Google Analytics or Audience.

MarkDown - Markdown lets you add text to your apps using the Markdown text formatting syntax.

Iframe - Iframe section will let you embed urls to other websites or content across the internet. For example, you can embed a google map to your location. Checkout the instructional video for more information.

Link - This lets you add a link to the menu. The link will appear in the menu and when pressed, will take the person to the website.

HTML - Permits you to put raw html in your apps. This will let you embed 3rd party plugins or can be used to accept forms of payment (like a paypal button)

Directory - This section will display your public apps. This is useful to create an app from which you can see and select your other apps.

Menu Link - Add a link to the menu.

Grid - The Grid section permits you to create content in a grid (table) layout.

Directory - Directory section lets you reference your other apps.

Coutdown Timer - Add a countdown timer on your app to show your users home much time is left to a particular event.

PDF - Permits you to add a PDF

Note - A note section permits you to record content on the mobile device and is persistent.

SEO - Adds on page SEO content for optimizing your app/website for search engines

Shopping Cart - Specifies the pricing list for the gallery shopping cart

Document - A rich text section that holds text and images ... suitable for writing an article.

Title - A title section lets you add a title (large text) that is optionally linkable.

Parallax - The parallax section is like the image section, except a parallax effect is applied to the image. 

Pricing Table - This is a table element that can be used for many different purposes, but a primary one is when you want to display a price list to people who are using the app.  

Primary Button - This is a large button that takes up a whole row.   It is a button element that you use when you want the user to press something like a call to action button.

Two Columns -  This section lets you place content (images, icons, or text) in two columns)



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