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Forms let you collect information from the users of your app. There are important things you need to know:

  1. The form data is sent to you via email and stored for 30 days on the MyPhotoApp Server. You can access the data from the form data tab where it can be downloaded as a CVS file.
  2. While apps continue to work if you stop subscribing to MyPhotoApp, forms are no longer emailed or stored on the server.
  3. Forms work instantly when mobile devices are connected to the internet and form data is automatically saved on the device when no internet connection is available and synchronized with your MyPhotoApp account when an internet connection becomes available. 
  4. Form Field Types:
    • Text Line Input: Input a single line of text.
    • Text Box Input: Input many lines of text.
    • Checkbox: Select multiple choices from a list.
    • Radio Button: Select only one choice from a list.
    • Select Dropdown: Select one from a dropdown list.
    • Text Output (Markdown): Display output on the form.
    • Net Promoter Score: NPS input - good for surveys.
    • Likert Scale: Likert scape input - good for surveys.
    • Signature: Lets the user sign the form.
    • Email: Like a Text Line Input, but also validates that the input looks like a valid email address.
    • Image: Lets users upload an image to submit along with the form.
    • Liked Images: This is a hidden field and not displayed on the form. But when the form is submitted, any gallery images that were liked, their names will be submitted along with the form.
    • Client Reply Email: This is a hidden field and not displayed on the form. When the form is submitted, the text in this box is emailed to the user. This uses markdown syntax so you can create pretty emails.
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