Builder Tab - Layout Sections Help

The Layout Section is a logical listing of the various sections, top to bottom, of your customized app. This is an extremely powerful feature that lets you produce highly customized apps by adding and removing sections, changing the order of sections, and changing the properties of sections.

To reorder the sections, you simply click and drag the section you want to move up or down the column to the proper place.

Clicking on settings icon lets you modify the name of the section, the colors used, and other settings unique to the particular section type.

To duplicate the section and its settings, you can click on the duplicate icon.

You can remove a section from the layout by clicking on the trash can icon.

You can add new sections to the layout by clicking on the add section icon in the layout area above the sections.

To move a section between pages, right click (control click on a mac) on it and select the location you wish to move the section.

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