Builder Tab - Layout Help

The Layout of an App includes the different sections that comprise the App together with your branding information, color scheme, and contact details.

There are four buttons to choose from:

Add Section - Click on this button to add another layout section to an App. You will be prompted to choose what type of section you want to add. Different section features are available depending on the subscription level.

Layout Settings - Click this button to define the color scheme and specify SEO (search engine optimization) information for your Apps. The color scheme will be the default for the App, but this can be overridden in each section in the individual setting menus.

Save Layout - Click this button to save the layout of this App as the default layout for future apps you build. Everything, except gallery images, is saved; color scheme, layout sections and settings. If you make further changes to the layout, without saving them, then the changes will only effect that particular app. This is useful when you want to make apps which have unique requirements, for example for another business.

Quick Setup - Click on this button to easily change your brand colors, logo or contact details This makes it quick and easy to create similar Apps in the future.

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