Templates Tab - How to list your templates in the Template Bazaar

If you have a cool app that you want to share and have listed on the templates tab, you do so by going to the builder tab and in the lower right-hand side click on the "app sharing" button.

Click on the template header to bring up a form to enter information about your app that you are sharing. 

VISIBLE: Check this if you want the template to be visible on the templates tab for anyone to see.

FREE: Check if you are giving this template away for free.  Any MPA user will be able to access your template if this is checked.  

TITLE:  This is the title displayed for your app.  This field is searchable on the template tab.

DESCRIPTION:  This is a longer description of your app.  This field is searchable on the template tab. Please include details of the functions of your App, suggested uses and special design features here.  Be sure to add any terms and conditions and pricing info for Apps if you have not made them Free.  You do not need to specify any sharing permissions for free apps. 

YOUR CONTACT EMAIL:  This is the email people can use to contact you, by default the registered email for your account is entered.   TIP: Be sure to put your picture up at gravatar.com for the email you want to use for your shared Templates so your photo will also be shown on the templates tab.

YOUR NAME: So people know who is the owner of the template, by default your registered name is entered. 

TEMPLATE SCREENSHOT:  Take a screenshot of your template so people have an idea of what your app looks like and drop it in here.  

TEMPLATE LEVEL:  Select the appropriate level for the template if you know what it is. When in doubt, select professional. 

You can share any App or Template.   The simplest option is to share an App - people see your finished App when they click the view template icon and clicking the load template will open the App in the builder and allow them to customize it in the same way as if it was a template.

For more confident users we recommend sharing a Template and if possible a Sample App with the same name. If you choose to create a sample App it will be displayed when someone clicks on the view template option. If no sample App is available the template will display as the preview. When they click on load template the stripped out template App will open in the builder ready for them to use. 

To share your Apps follow these steps:

1.  Choose the App you wish to share as a template or create a new app with the features you want with a suitable name e.g. easybusinessapp.
2.  OPTIONAL - Save the App as a new template by clicking the Save as Template button with a suitable name e.g. -  easybusinessapp.  It will be saved as easybusinessapp_template.  With more complex Templates it's good practice to put some instructions into the template App to help guide people through how to customize it for themselves. TIP: If you have used an existing App it's best to make the template you are sharing a stripped down version by removing your personal information and any custom color settings etc.  to make it easier for people to use. 
3.  OPTIONAL - Create a sample App and add suitable content that you are happy to share to showcase the Apps features.   Sample Apps MUST have the same name as the template for example - easybusinessapp - without the _template suffix. 
4.  Select the App or Template you want to share in the App navigator and click on the App sharing Icon at the bottom of the Publish column to set up the details required to share your Template.  You only share either a template or a sample App NOT both, the template Bazaar will automatically detect if both exist with the same name and use them accordingly. 
5. To amend any details or change sharing option for your shared template simply select the template again and click on the App sharing Icon and click save once you have amended the details.  

Tip: It's a good idea to Create a new folder for your shared template Apps and sample Apps to keep everything well organized.  


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